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Beautifully Embellished - Decorative Trim

A gorgeous selection of decorative trims featuring the most popular styles. The Collection starts with Tassel, Ball, Bullion and Brush styles in the trims followed by Lip Cords and Gimp for the edges and the matching Tie Backs and Tassels for an exciting finish in 13 of the most fashionable current colours. Trims and tassels are available in all colours for colour coordination and flexibility in creating your own combinations of styles.  All designs are constructed of easy care durable 100% polyester yarns.

Available Trims and Accessories Styles
•    E-01 Lip Cord ¼”
•    E-02 Lip Cord ½”
•    E-03 Brush Fringe 1 7/8”
•    E-04 Tassel Fringe 3 ¼”
•    E-05 Bullion Fringe 3 3/8”
•    E-06 Gimp 1”
•    E-07 Beaded Gimp-Ball Fringe 2 5/8”
•    E-09 Chair Tassel
•    E-10 Key Tassel
•    E-10 Single Tassel Tieback

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